Welcome to my Scrap Song. A work of 14 verses and a pre- and postlude, encircling my research at the Norwegian Theatre Academy for the past two years.

The song is a process oriented journey touching subjects related to my body and my heritage. As an artist with a background in instrumental music and voice, I am curious about expressing myself with the body as an instrument.

Settling my voice, painting my body, exploring personas and fun erotics, photographing myself as well as conducting workshops, helps me to understand my identities and desires for fluidity, as well as my cultural heritage, and influences from my upbringing.

Deconstructing what I have practiced, makes me explore the borders between artistic disciplines like singing, playing the double bass and dancing as well as the borders between situations in a space being social or performative and in between.

I am engaging in new relations with my body and my instruments, writing songs, sharing ideas and hoping that my research will create new possibilities for the qualities in the traditional music and dance material to co-exist with other genres and contemporary formats, helping to dissolve exclusionary and limiting norms of the folk archive.

My Scrap Song is a living archive of research that you will experience through sound, photo, video and text material. Some are finished ideas, some are seeds waiting to bloom, and others are step stones on the way to something else. I hope you will enjoy this composed song of impressions, and be sure that I would always love to talk, drink a juice, or receive thoughts that you might want to share.