2. Body and soil

2. Body and soil

Two journeys:

  • Body and soil: Covering up my bodies with soil as a grounding departure point for movement and expression. A dance with the Capricorn – my zodiac sign (with soil as element). Autumn 2020.
  • Voice and soil: A princess of folk music singing 1,5 hours in soil. Autumn 2021.

I have learned to play – I have learned to sing. I have learned the right and wrong – the  wanted and the unwanted qualities. This journey leads into different aesthetiques, to the voice as material.

“The voice is not you, nor something you own. It is something else and more than the physically produced vocal design. The voice is independent inhabiting a body”.

L. Kendrick “Theatre Aurality”

Performers: Stefan Andersson, Frederikke Hooge.