7. By the water

7. By the water

Prøverummet, Bergen 2021. Video by Stefan Andersson.

“Inner Queen” singing a song, approaching the audience to do simple gestures. Exploring being alienated, facing hierarchy and power relations. 

Does it make you feel unsafe not knowing the gender of a person you are having a conversation with?

Performed at Sånafest, Son 2021. Foto: Andreas Strand Renberg.

Performed at “Prøverummet” Bergen during Meteor festival 2021.

Dramaturg Philip Schulte, introduced me to Philosopher Jean Luc Nancy – who talks about adoration in his deconstruction of christianity. Here Nancy states a difference between doing something for a higher transcending purpose or truth, in contrast to a more manipulative truth with a selfish motive behind. The work inspires me in terms of inviting an audience to do an action, and to accept if they don’t.

Why do humans look for the gender of another person as the first thing?