8. The bass & I

8. The bass & I

In a way I feel an obligation to play the bass in the way it is traditionally played, so the instrument starts representing a body with a certain aesthetic demand. This demand comes from me and my learned musical archive, but I am interested in the music that I can play, if 

I will try to forget what we have together. Forget her constant demands, and instead listen to my own bodily impulses. It might not be in tune or rhythm – it might be music – in somebody’s eyes.

“It’s complicated” as we wrote on FB. I feel that she’s taking the power over me… letting me do all the hard work. I am trying to be in charge here but yet she always seems to have ulterior motives. I just want to be in a healthy relationship! I think this is rooted in dependency and hierarchy, wanting to take over the power of another. I have thought about partner therapy, but she refuses. 

Why do I have to do all the hard work, to make HER shine? 

Who am I even without her?

How to express one’s own musical material on double bass, coming from impulses in the body?

How to balance the learned technique and musical aesthetic with the free impulses from the body?

When is it no longer music, but instead becoming movement or dance?

Two bodies – my body and the bass – Who is listening/reacting to who, when sounding/singing/moving?

Who is superior to the other?

Performed during @meteorfestival 2021 @p_a_l_m_e_r_a gallery, Bergen.

Thanks to @missioneroflove for hosting.

Foto: Olga Regitze Dyrløv Høegh