9. The choir

The sound file is an improvisation from Gangbrua bridge in Fredrikstad.

A workshop with a group of 3 bachelors exploring performance and non-performance with voice in social spaces like Glemmen Akropark, Oslo Metro, and other urban places.

Working with the concept “Performative Program” by Eleonora Fabiao, inspired by Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari’s “A Body Without Organs”, we could adjust our plan for our interventions, in order to make ourselves comfortable and choose in what level we wanted to disturb the surroundings. For the final sharing, which was a common Ohm chanting, we invited the audience to enter the room by a 15 m. gymnastic challenge route, that forced them to move their body in abstract ways. (See end of video).

Looking for spaces and activities where the borders between performer and spectator would dissolve, we did daily voice- and body practices based on the Anne Rosing Method, ohm chanting, song writing and improvised performative actions. We also took inspiration from the artist Tino Seghal’s way of working without objects, leaving no traces, and talked about the situations that we would either interfere with or construct and the different possibilities that gives.

Inspiration: Anne Rosing: Fra sangerkrop til kernestemme. Frederiksberg Bogtrykkeri 2019.