10. The Box

The Box is an investigation of borders and identity as a musician, actor, dancer, singer, human etc. Dressed as a jester with half folk costume, half princess I am inhabiting the borders between dance, bass playing, singing and whistling.

The audience is divided into 3 groups of 6 people. 

1st group is watching the performance in the box. 

2nd is waiting in a lounge with coffee and tea and a tv screen monitoring the 6 audience members, watching the performance in the box.

3rd group are waiting in a room next to the lounge, where they by a glass wall can watch the people in lounge waiting to enter the box. The audience is swopping room every 20 mins.

The Box is playing with the sensation of encounters between people, watching  and being watched. While meeting each other, defining and boxing each other’s identity, the audience is at the same time being watched by another group while waiting to be literally put in a box. 

As with the folk dance in “Lam Linken” I am interested in situations, where the audience is both performing and spectating. I am inspired by social events like a dance ball or the contact improvisation jam, where everybody is interchangeably dancing and watching – performing and spectating.

Photos/video from The Box performance: Frederikke Hooge, Sigrid Andreasson, Sunniva Solberg