11. Queen

The embodiment of Freddie Mercury is very different to my way of performing folk music and dance practices, as they would usually be collective and inclusive of nature with a different power relation between performer and audience.

In this performance I got to stand in front, singing lead, backed up by a band and choir. Very much in contrast to my earlier experience as a double bass player.

Singing as Freddie Mercury, I didn’t feel like entertaining, sharing how I felt in the moment, dialoguing with the audience and band members, which I would usually do to feel comfortable on stage. Now I just had to concentrate on singing. No energy to feel everybody else. Only my own output!

A collaboration with BA acting at Norwegian Theatre Academy November 2021. Singing Queen “Somebody to love”. Working on a costume that enhances the “Freddie Mercury energy” in collaboration with scenographer Astrid Sønderskov.

What is quality?

What is vocal material?

How would I relate to the band?

What is my relation to the audience, and how to handle this power?

Do I need an attitude to keep the concentration on the song and the expression?

Can I show uncertainty?

Should I show appreciation?