Ditlev Tamm: Skabt som mand og kvinde. Gyldendal 2021. About François-Timoléon de Choisy, a French crossdresser and gender fluid clergyman from the 1600s.

Kerry Swanson: The noble savage was a drag queen: Hybridity and Transformation in Kent Monkman’s performance and visual art interventions. Article. (The article is talking about being two-spirited in indiginous North American cultures.)

Judith Butler: Performative acts and gender constitution. An Essay in Phenomenology and Feminist Theory, 1988.

Judith Butler: Gender trouble. Book. Routledge, 1990. 

Toby Finlay – Non-Binary Performativity: A transpositive account of Judith Butlers Queer Theory. Article, 2017.

L & T Blume: Toward a dialectic Model of Family Gender Discourse: Body, Identity, and Sexuality. Article, Journal of Marriage and Family, 2003.

Sara Ahmed – Selected writings: “Et ulydigt arkiv” (An unhappy archive). Book. Forlaget Nemo, 2020. Collection of Sara Ahmed texts.

Sara Ahmed: The promise of happiness – Chapter 3 “Unhappy queers”. Book. Duke University Press 2010. With the story about the parents that recommend their teenager to drop their homosexuality because they “Just want to make you happy”.

Audre Lorde: The erotic as power, 1978. “Differ between erotics and pornography. Acknowledge the power inside you. Avoid stealing each others erotic energy instead of finding it awakening inside yourself”.

Jessica van den Brand: Tino Sehgal – Art as immaterial commodity. Book. Lap Lambert Academic Publishing 2015.

Hans Ulrich Obrist. Interview with Tino Sehgal in Frankfurt in May 2002 and in Paris in March 2005.

Marronage nr. 1,2,3 – Great Danish magazine about political change in society.

L. Kendrick: Theatre Aurality: “The voice is not you, nor something you own. It is something else and more than the physically produced vocal design. The voice is independent inhabiting a body”.

Egil Bakka: Den sceniske folkedansens posisjon i Norden 2014. Article. “Finnes det kjerner av dansekunst som greier, eller kan greie å stå fritt fra den vestlige dansekunsten uten på samme tid å bli definert ut av rammen for seriøs kunst. Det er et komplekst spørgsmål både fordi det å stå fritt fra er et definisjonsspørsmål og fordi seriøs kunst også bare er spørgsmål om kunst av høy kvalitet. Dette blir imidlertid en sirkulær argumentation fordi det i all hovedsak er representanter for den vestlige dansekunsten som bedømmer kvalitet i slike sammenhenger. På en andre siden kommer spørsmålet om “avkolonisering” av dansen. Vil verdens kulturpolitikere og verdens dansere nøye seg med en utvikling der premisser alltid settes av vestens dansekunst?”

Anne Rosing: Fra Sangerkrop til Kernestemme, Frederiksberg Bogtrykkeri 2019. My hero singing pedagogue who taught me all I know about my voice.


Den2radio: Dag Heede: Foucault 1, Foucault 2 – seksualitetens historie. Podcast about Foucault. A fantastic podcast in Danish about power, society and sexuality.

Kristopher og Einer Leser Nietzsche: Tragediens fødsel: Podcast about Nietzsche and the balance and qualities of Dionysos and Apollon in a human life.


Peter Høeg: Tales of the night. Chapter: Reflection of a young man in the balance. Book. Special-Trykkeriet Viborg as, 1994. The collection, from where I got the quote about the mirror in verse 1. Equilibrium.

Jaques Tati – Playtime. Film, 1967. Nonsense and absurdity that resonates!

Abdu’l-Bahá: Selections from the writings, Baha’i Forlag, 2021. Abdu’l-Bahá is an iconic character in the Bahai faith and a spiritual role model for me.

Things my dick does. Photo series of a penis.

Orgy scenes in Jack Smith – Flaming Creatures.

Nikoline Music video: Gourmet Ground breaking erotic music video.

Lærke Posselt “Q”. Gender fluidity, a portrait series.

Lex Barberio: Ambisextrous. Multiple genders in one person. Photo work.


Karmenlara Ely Seidman – Prof of Performance, Norwegian Theatre Academy

Saul Garcia Lopez, Perf. artist and prof. of performance, Norwegian Theatre Academy

Ingvild Holm – My dear tutor, performance artist and prof. at Norwegian Theatre Academy

Matthew Cohen – performance artist, Germany

Louise Høyer – Performance artist and collaborating with Tino Sehgal.

Eleonora Fabiao – performance artist, Brasil.

Deise Nunes – Artist and PHD, Oslo.

Egil Bakka – Professor emeritus NTNU Trondheim i Folkemusik og dans 

Natalia Gutman – curator and art historian, Copenhagen.

Juli Apponen – performance artist

Sandra Mujinga – performance artist

Olive Bieringa – Dance-, performance and visual artist. 

Pia Nissen Thylak – Shaman

Jonathan Burrows – Choreographer

Juliane Diness – Architect – Copenhagen

Philip Schulte – Dramaturg, Norwegian Theatre Academy.

Sigurd Heide – Choreographer in Folk Norwegian dance ensemble “Kartellet”.

Thomas Prestø – Choreographer in Tabanka Dance ensemble

Morten Liene – Dancer, performer and tutor for my final performance at Norwegian Theatre Academy.